THE LEADER in Evidence-Based Matching & Reporting for High Stakes Relationships

One of a kind technology developed by doctorate level professionals

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Harnessing the Data of Relationships to Maximize Your Success:
From inclusion and engagement to retention, profitability and development, at the core of great outcomes are productive people and relationships.

Regardless of your mission, product or service, Compatibility’s proprietary, research-based methods and data will match, develop and measure individual, group and team performance in virtually any environment.

We look forward to supporting your success.

Powerful & Customizable

  • Match people to key developmental relationships in any sector, including corporate, academic, and community based organizations.
  • Match person to person, individuals, pairs and groups/cohorts.
  • Set goals, measure progress, schedule meetings, hold discussions, and measure impact.
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  • Comprehensive analytics dashboard
    • Engagement Data (participation, milestones achieved, etc.)
    • Quality Interaction Data (notes)
    • Impact Data (outcomes)
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  • Real time Data reported in Manager Dashboard
  • Customizable Impact Survey Measures Outcomes and Informs Program Effectiveness


  • Compatibility puts your institution ahead of the high cost of attrition.
  • Student transfers and dropouts are costing the government and taxpayers $14 billion every year.
  • Corporations spend $11 billion annually in hiring, onboarding and training costs due to employee turnover.
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Compatibility values partnerships with like-minded companies that foster employee engagement and productivity in diverse and inclusive environments.

Partner With Compatibility

SaaS Technology easily integrates into larger technology platforms such as residential management, learning management and performance management systems.

Compatibility adds a differentiator for other technology solutions providers by enhancing product offerings.

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